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HOW2 Online Train-the-Trainer CPD + live support
Helping job experts become teaching experts since 1999

The HOW2 Concept

Your trainers and assessors are experts in their job, but are they experts in the art of teaching?

Do they need support to deliver high-quality classroom sessions ‘off the job’? HOW2s, offering a blended approach of online CPD and ongoing live support, can help.

We’ve worked with over 100 post-16 training providers, including the MOD, Mercedes‑Benz UK and FE colleges across England, Wales, and Saudi Arabia to help them to go up to (or remain at) an Ofsted grade 2 or 1 or equivalent.


Inside HOW2

Put teaching expertise at
your trainers’ fingertips, 24/7

‘Off the job’ classroom and workshop sessions — the 20% — can be the most challenging part of an apprenticeship, for apprentices and their trainers or assessors. Apprentices are hungry for something different to the learning diet dished up in school — but where can trainers develop their expertise so they can deliver such sessions?

TrainingHOW2s offers a web app which provides easily-understood explanations of teaching techniques. Our HOW2 Professional Learning Leads will also provide ongoing implementation and management support.

Just what your trainers need

HOW2s are visual, step-by-step explanations of teaching techniques. The bite-sized ‘airplane safety card’-type visuals make them quick and easy to learn. Available online, we offer trainers and assessors what they need, when they need it, wherever they are.

HOW2 techniques have seen student satisfaction ratings increase significantly and have been an instrumental part in changing organisational and individual behaviours and cultures to reflect a genuine ‘trainee‑first’ approach.
I am convinced they directly contributed to an increase in first time pass rate from 82% to 98% for the CS Operator Class 3 training.
As a consequence of the experience at DSCIS, HOW2s were included as an integral part of the DCTT instructor development programme.

Retention improves when learners experience success

Each HOW2 explains exactly how to engage apprentices in their learning.

HOW2s ensure that your trainers know how to make apprentices active participants in each learning process. Crucially, HOW2s explain how to do this in ways that keep the focus firmly on the acquisition of skills and knowledge.

Our focus is to help you increase retention by boosting engagement and, in turn, results.

The HOW2 techniques have now been integrated into the Training and Assessing teams’ CPD and PDRs, ensuring a change in behaviours and cultures to create an interactive and autonomous training environment for our learners.

Personalise learning for your apprentices

With more than 100 teaching techniques to choose from, your trainers will have more practical and engaging ideas at their disposal than any course or guru can ever offer.

TrainingHOW2s also features a suite of tools to help you manage and share professional learning across your organisation.

Scale, Standardise and Sustain quality improvements

HOW2s are not expensive, difficult to use, or disruptive. By investing in HOW2s, you are investing in something more sustainable than traditional train-the-trainer-type courses. Someone leaves or a new trainer arrives? No problem — give them a HOW2 user account.

With HOW2s you can standardise your approach to quality and use at any scale. And unlike traditional ‘live’ training, we don’t go away — you’ll have your own HOW2 professional learning lead working with you from the get-go.

Inspired me how to energise and make your teaching practice more interesting to you and your students.

We don’t just leave you to it

You bring someone in to offer ‘train-your-trainers’, or you send your staff on a course… then what?

Changing behaviours takes time. Changing cultures takes longer. That’s why we don’t just sell you a subscription and leave you to it. In fact, did we tell you? You will be supported for the duration of your subscription by one of our experienced HOW2 Professional Learning Leads?

Each client gets ongoing support:

  • External Inspectorate Report review leading to implementation meeting
    As soon as you subscribe, one of our team will review your last Ofsted report (or external inspectorate equivalent) and draw up a HOW action plan ready to share at your implementation meeting.
  • On-site implementation day
    The day will include training for key staff and an analysis of your quality improvement plan or SAR. When we leave you’ll have 12 months’ training mapped out.
  • Monthly webinar support to review the above and adapt as necessary
  • Technical and admin support

Depending on your size and training needs, we can also provide:

  • On/off-site train-the-trainer introductions
  • Instructional coaching and training

What our customers say

The techniques have re-energised my approach to teaching teachers

Tony Leatherbarrow Train the Trainer Instructor

It requires minimum effort to understand them and identify how they can be employed in my own area.

Phil Walne Specialist Instructional Officer

The ease of use and simple explanations make taking away new methods and skills very quick, allowing rapid adoption.

Paul Wilson Specialist Instructional Officer

HOW2 has enabled teachers to focus in on techniques to enable post-16 learners to really make progress in Maths and English where they had got stuck beforehand.

Anne Haig Smith Director, Applied Learning Foundation at Activate Learning Group

The results produced by HOW2s are exceptionally impressive. Student retention, understanding and enjoyment are all significantly increased.

Clint Sherratt Cable Systems Trainer

We needed a product that would enhance and improve the quality of our learning through better teaching, across a very large and diverse organisation — and that was why we chose HOW2s.

Sally Dicketts CBE CEO, Activate Learning Group

I didn’t find books and courses very practical — I couldn’t remember very much to be honest… I feel so much more confident now.

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